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Natural Law is simply the intention in the Mind of Lord Brahma, our Creator, for the structure and functionality of our universe. Natural Law is the Will of God, to put it another way, and Natural Law is Dharma in its Divine sense.

The S'rî Chakra of Lord Brahma is the archetype of Natural Law. Its geometric patterns and frequencies establish the most fundamental aspects of Natural Law. Each one of us has an individual S'rî Chakra that is usually found to be distorted and clogged with eons of accumulated karma.


When we act spontaneously in perfect accord with Natural Law, the action resonates with the S'rî Chakra of Lord Brahma and generates a life-supporting influence for the entire universe.


When we act spontaneously in perfect accord with Natural Law, the action resonates with the S'rî Chakra of Lord Brahma and generates a life-supporting influence for the entire universe. When we act out of sync with Natural Law, the action is damaging to life, both our own and ultimately the lives of everyone in the universe are affected in a negative way. Our own S'rî Chakra is damaged and takes on more distortion and negative influence which leads to a decline in clarity of our connection with the Creator and an even greater probability (actually certainty) that subsequent actions will be even more in violation of Natural Law.

The drawing below illustrates wave interference that has a null effect, constructive effect, and destructive effect. In the each set of 4 panes in the drawing, the upper left represents Natural Law, upper right the action of a jîva, lower left the result of the action combined with Natural Law, and lower right shows the relative amplitudes and frequencies.

In the first set of panes, we see the jîva not acting (amplitude and frequency are zero) so no change occurs in the universe. In the center set the jîva acts in perfect harmony with the Natural Law and the result is constructive interference in which that aspect of Natural Law is amplified thereby providing nourishment to the law for the benefit of all life. In the last set of panes the jîva has acted in a manner that is not in accord with Natural Law. The result on the universe is disharmony as a result of the destructive interference. All life suffers as a result of the imbalance introduced into the universe.

When an action is in harmony with the S’rî Chakra of Lord Brahma, the resulting self-referral knowledge loop resonates with a specific location in the S’rî Chakra and takes up residence there, adding to the wholeness of the overall structure. When an action is not in harmony, the self-referral knowledge loop results in an ungrounded energy that has no place of residence in the S’rî Chakra. This type of energy detracts from and weakens the entire S’rî Chakra structure. Ultimately, in the next lifetime, the ungrounded energies become kârmas.

Living life spontaneously in perfect accord with Natural Law is only possible from the perspective of Brahman Consciousness, the domain of Natural Law. When Brahman Consciousness begins to dawn in the lives of a significant portion of the population, this will trigger a phase transition of the current dark Kali-yuga into the full sunshine of Sat-yuga.



We invite you to begin today on your quest to achieve Brahman Consciousness and become a lighthouse of bliss, peace and harmony for the entire universe!

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