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Goloka Book Store


Welcome to the Goloka Book Store where you will find products that enhance the experiences, health and well-being.

Select from these categories:

C60 Oral P-2 240px Foods and Supplements - there are several foods and supplements that are very important to cultivate a Satyug physiology. The most important of which is Krishna C60 Amrita based on the amazing C60 molecule. This molecule is a 3rd form of Carbon, the other two being diamond and graphite, and it is a superconductor with intelligent properties. C60 is clinically proven to have many beneficial health effects in a variety of organisms. It has anti-cancer effects, brain-rejuvenating effects and cardiovascular health effects as well as extremely dramatic longevity effects in a variety of organisms. This molecule "knows" what is nourishing to the human body and what is toxic, and will adsorb (collect on its surface) all toxic chemicals or life damaging electromagnetic energy that comes in its vicinity.
Atmavedi Part I Large   Brahma Sutras Small
Books, Pictures and CDs - to provide the motivation and knowledge necessary for developing higher states of consciousness
NG - Apparel, Women, organic natural Tee Small  Apparel - Goloka logo shirts and asana clothes
Dhanvantri Vitara View 1
Dhanvantri Vitara - The Dhanvantri is the Celestial Physician and the originator of Ayurveda, the science of perfect health. The Dhanvantri Vitara creates devas to stimulate organ systems and heal and balance your body to structure perfect health and a Satyug physiology. Everyone should be their own physician. Your body has the innate intelligence to heal itself and keep itself healthy and strong, given proper nutrition. The Dhanvantri Vitara provides the way for you to take charge of your health and live your life in perfect health. It is an essential aspect of the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme for establishing a Satyug physiology for the Krishna Golden Age.
Ekam Vitara

Ekam Vitara - The Ekam Vitara is a special version of the Higher Consciousness Vitara that compliments the frequency broadcasts of the Ekam Vitara Network, with the following Silent Subliminals:

  • the Moksha Levels 1-5 Silent Subliminals and
  • the Oneness Awakening Silent Subliminals with Moola Mantra and
  • Perfect Health Silent Subliminals
  • Satyug Physiology Silent Subliminal Messages
  • Detox Cleansing Healing Silent Subliminal Messages and
  • the entire Brahma Sutras for cultivating Level 4 Moksha and
  • the entire Bhagavad Gita for accelerating the process of achieving all 5 Levels of Moksha
God Vitara

God Vitara - The God Vitara is a unique device that will connect you with your Silent Witness and balance karmic traces that exist is the deeper levels of your subtle bodies.

Of course, God is always with us, 24 hours a day. But you may not experience God's Presence in your life clearly. When you place the God Vitara on your head and turn it on, then while seated comfortably with your back straight and not leaning against anything, you are ready to experience the Presence of God. Close your eyes and allow your attention to go deep within the mind and find the Silence that is always there. That Silence is your connection to God. Keep your attention on that Silence, become that Silence, view your body and mind as separate from that Silence, you are the Silent Witness that can watch the body and mind. You are not the body and you are not the mind. They are tools that you, as the Silent Witness, use to function in the physical world.The Silent Witness is your direct connection with God.

Goloka Projector with Krishna C60 EMR Pyramids and Shurudha Generator
Goloka Projector - The Goloka Projector utilizes the Vedic Vitara Technology® to project a sphere of influence into the environment that replicates the first day of Satyug. There is a profound effect of coherence, sattva and resonance frequency support experienced. The sphere of this effect is approximately 150 feet (45 meters). The benefits of a Satyug environment for the individual is to enjoy a progressive, long, and happy life, and these benefits are manifested in the Goloka Projector sphere of influence. The Goloka Projector uses primordial frequencies of the Rig Veda along with the Earth Plane Resonance Frequency of Satyug and C60 Shungite.
Higher Consciousness Vitara
Higher Consciousness Vitara - combines Vedic Vitara Technology® with Silent Subliminal Technology to create a profound effect in the subconscious and unconscious minds to actually change the karma of the individual and enhance the quality of life. Karma from the past lives has an influence on this life and leads us into problems with health, happiness, relationships and prosperity. But the actions we take in this life are far more powerful than the influence of karma. For example: taking action to balance the karma for abundance results in greater abundance flowing into the life, and taking action to balance the karma for health results in better health, and taking action to balance the karma of relationships results in more beautiful relationships. Using the Higher Consciousness Vitara is the action to take to correct any problems in life.


Maha Yajna Vitara
Maha Yajña Vitara - utilizes the Vedic Vitara Technology® to create an effective shield against the assault of all personal karma, just as if the individual personally performed all of the Graha yajñas prescribed by Jyotish to balance all karma in this life. Also included:
• The Lakshmi-Kubera Yajña, to stimulate the flow of wealth into the life.
• The Atma-Narayana Kavach to provide the protective kavach that shields the individual from all negative asuric influences.
• The Dhanvantra sutras to invoke The Dhanvantri for development of a Satyug physiology.


Moksha Vitara
Moksha Vitara -  utilizes the Vedic Vitara Technology® to create an influence in the environment to support the meditation practices leading to Enlightenment (Moksha). This device is based on a rare and important gift to humanity from the Divine, which are His own words to us, recorded in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. In all of the Vedic Literature, the Bhagavad Gita is one of the only places where we have the Words of Krishna recorded for us. We can utilize these sacred Words of the Bhagavad Gita as Mantras to actually create the influence  necessary for us to achieve the Goal of Human Existence, Moksha.


Neurogenesis Vitara Complete
Neurogenesis Vitara is a Vedic Vitara Technology® device that stimulates the brain to create new Satyug brain cells, and produces a wonderful experience of blissful and deeply restful sleep with an opening for Lucid Dreams. This device creates a physical stimulus in the brain that will cause the brain to switch into the Theta frequency. If this is done during a time when we are also practicing Dharana and Dhyana, we find the practice of these techniques is facilitated by this cooperation of the physical brain, and an actual experience of Nirvana is produced. If we guide the brain through the normal frequencies of natural healthy sleep patterns (Alpha, Theta and Delta), then the experience is more restful and peaceful sleep. But also because the brain is experiencing the Theta frequency for long periods of time during this guided sleep process, the brain will spontaneously create new brain cells (neurogenesis).


Nirvana Vitara Complete
Nirvana Vitara - utilizes a combination of Vedic Vitara Technology and Pulsed Electomagnetic Frequenies to create brainwave entrainment that evokes the experience of Nirvana during meditation and Lucid Dreaming during sleep. Also these frequencies cause the brain to enter neurogenesis mode, creating new brain cells. With the help of your Nirvana Vitara you can advance to Moksha most rapidly and utilize your time both during meditation and during sleep for maximum progress.


Perfect Vision Vitara Logo
Perfect Vision Vitara - provides the eyes with the necessary influences to allow them to return to normal perfect vision. To use the Perfect Vision Vitara to reverse myopia and restore your natural vision is simple. Just wear the special eye mask for at least one hour a day or also wear it at night when you are sleeping for faster results. Every few weeks, as you notice your vision is improving, you should change to a weaker eyeglasses prescription to allow your eyes to return to normal vision.


Satyug Sanctuary Pyramids Logo
Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid - the single most important structure that everyone needs in their home to create a Satyug environment that cultivates a Satyug physiology and Krishna Realization. In our time now, Kaliyug, the environment is minimally conducive to the development of full human potential and higher states of consciousness. However, in Satyug the environment is ideal for these aspects of life. The Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid provides an environmental chamber for a human being that corrects the weaknesses in the environment that are present in Kaliyug.


Shanti Vitara Animated
Shanti VitaraShanti Vitara balances all current karma as it arises, allowing the individual to experience the Bliss, peace, harmony and prospertiy that naturally surrounds everyone. It is karma that blocks this experience. In addition to creating karma balancingdevas, the Shanti Vitara also projects the Spiritual Frequencies from the Dhanvantri Vitara to generate devas to help with your spiritual evolution. TheShanti Vitarais aligned with the individual using their Jyotish Chakra for greatest effectiveness. It is the perfect compliment to the MahaYajna Vitara for complete protectoin and dissolution of all karma. The device has two modes of operation, silent (projecting the entireSama Veda into the prana field) and audible (for use after meditation).


Soma Rasa Vitara v1 small
Soma Rasa Vitara - Maharishi tells us that Soma is produced in the system that refines the entire nervous system to perceive the finest Celestial, and then one lives God Consciousness. The physiology is perfected as a Satya yuga physiology through the influence of Soma, as generated by the 9th Mandala of the Rig Veda.  With the Soma Rasa Vitara, the Soma Rasa Meditation is effortless to perform. One simply listens to the entire 9th Mandala throughout the night during sleep. The influence generates Soma in the physiology and Soma creates changes on the level of DNA to structure a Satya yuga physiology. We have prepared a Soma Rasa Vitara for your convenience. This device will play the entire 9th Mandala throughout the night.


Thrive Vitara
Thrive Vitara - fulfills the need of the time for small, portable device that neutralizes chaotic electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation in its environment, with a range of about 25 feet in all directions. By this action, the life forms in this sphere of influence are given a chance to rebuild natural defenses against a hostile environment. As a result, quality of life improves, health improves, and life is lived more peacefully and progressively.  The Trive Vitara is small, fits in the palm of your hand, lightweight, has 10-hour battery life, and is completely silent.


Vedic Vortex Vitara
Vedic Vortex Vitara -  creates highly energized Structured Water using the Primordial Sounds that created our universe - the Rig Veda. The Rig Veda contains 432,000 mantras that are literally the basis of our entire universe. If we impart the devic energy of the Rig Veda to freshly Structured Water, then we have the best possible Structured Water - fully charged with the Primordial Devas of the universe. This water will be maximally beneficial to the human body - it is the water of Sat Yuga.

In addition, the Vedic Vortex Vitara uses Vedic Vitara Technology® as well as Silent Subliminal Technology so the process of creating this Structured Water is very effictive, yet silent. Also the use of a magnetic vortex device is utilized along with external magnets to impart additional energy into the water.

We call this Vedic Vortex Structured Water and it can be easily and quickly created in your own home with a Vedic Vortex Vitara.

When combined with Atmavedi Crystals, the resulting water is 333 times more energetic than ordinary R/O filtered water.


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A Gift Certificate makes the perfect gift every time! Just complete the form below, add it to your shopping cart and complete the check-out process as you would for any purchase.


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