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Actualize the Full Development of Your Human Potential


Full Human Potential

Full development of your human potential includes the development of all of your subtle bodies and the ability to consciously live through these subtle bodies to experience the vast realms of the universe that are now unavailable to you and most individuals.

There are several stages leading to the full development and use of our subtle bodies:

  1. Activation of Kundalini - this is the evolutionary power of Natural Law that is behind all growth and development to higher, more complex states. It is Kundalini that takes the newly fertilized ovum to the stage of the embryo, then Kundalini takes the embryo to the stage of the infant, then to the stage of young child, then to puberty, then to young adulthood. At this point, Kundalini becomes dormant unless or until the individual begins meditation through proper initiation of one of the Sri Vidya Mantras. The act of meditation using this special mantra awakens Kundalini and She begins to work to develop the subtle bodies of the individual, in preparation for the experience of higher states of consciousness:
    • Transcendental Consciousness
    • Cosmic Consciousness
    • God Consciousness
    • Unity Consciousness
    • Brahman Consciousness
  2. During meditation, one experiences the 4th state of consciousness known as Transcendental Consciousness. That experience may be very brief at first but as the practice continues the experience will become more profound. As the subtle body, known as Pranamaya kosha, develops through the functionality of Kundalini and the individual begins to experience life from this perspective. The experience changes from being completely under the illusion that one is the physical body to the solid experience that one is really pure consciousness, unbounded awareness, and in truth not subject to death. The illusion that one is the physical body is destroyed. One witnesses the life during waking, dreaming and sleep states of consciousness and never loses the sense of identity with the reality of existence as pure consciousness. This is the experience of Cosmic Consciousness and is the product of a fully awake and independently functional pranamaya kosha. At MVU, everyone who is awarded the Bachelor of Arts in Divinity Degree has attained this state of Cosmic Consciousness.
  3. Kundalini continues to develop the subtle bodies and on the solid foundation of Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness dawns. God Consciousness is the ability to function and communicate on the subtle realms known as the Celestial Realms where many of the Vedic Dieties and Ascended Masters reside. The Manomaya Kosha is the subtle body that has developed to allow this level of experience. Everyone at MVU who is awarded the degree of Master of Arts in Divinity has achieved this level of experience and development.
  4. As the Vijñanamaya Kosha reaches maturity of development as an independent vehicle of consciousness, thanks to the work of Kundalini, the individual attains Brahman Consciousness and is awarded the Master of Divinity degree at MVU.
  5. When the student reaches Krishna Consciousness and realizes life from the perspective of the Eternal Realm of Goloka as a companion of Krishna, then the Doctor of Divinity degree is awarded.

Now the individual has attained the full development of human potential and realized the goal of human life. The individual now is situated in the gap, between the relative and the Absolute. From the gap, one can create anything. From the gap, one is the master of the Universe. The primary objective of MVU is to help every student become the master of the Universe. This is development of full human potential.

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