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Live a Quality Life


Live a Quality LifeBe the change you want to see in the world.

You are interested in MVU because you want to help yourself and others attain the highest achievement for a human life. Maybe you have not articulated that until now, but if you are still here, it is evidence that you have a role to play in the grander scheme of things.

If you want to be a lifeguard, first you must become an expert swimmer. How can you save anyone if you cannot save yourself?

At MVU you will learn how to save yourself from the ignorance that is Kaliyug and actually accomplish this highest achievement for your life. Then you will be trained to teach and help others. When you have reached the Doctor of Divinity level, you will be a Vedic Master, fully capable of teaching others and helping them to achieve what you have achieved. You will have complete knowledge of the totality of life and the ability to convey this knowledge and provide the practical techniques to help others.

We are very fortunate to be alive today, because in our lifetime we have the opportunity to work directly with Krishna and create a wonderful, peaceful and progressive world for our entire human family. We will see a time where the average person is living a life of peace and progress, instead of the situation now in which more than 6 billion are living lives of quiet and some not so quiet desperation. On the Twenty Levels of Human Consciousness chart, 85% of the world population is living below 200.

20 Levels of Human Consciousness

The collective karma of the world is so heavy now that humanity is on the cusp of a major reset known as the pralaya. Krishna predicted this when He last incarnated about 5,000 years ago. He said that the world was on course to major devastating actions that will bring collective karma back into a level of balance required by the Universe, so the Human Race can continue. This means that over 90% of the current world population must leave the Earth. The death of over 7 billion people will cause untold suffering. Krishna has offered a solution that will not require such heavy suffering of the masses. In fact, Krishna’s solution will transform the lives of the masses into peaceful and progressive lives, and spawn a group of one million Enlightened people (living at Level 600 to 1,000).

You can be one of these one million who will be the catalyst of transformation of world collective consciousness. This is truly living a Quality Life.

MahaVideha University is one of the Founders of the Ekam Vitara Network, where anyone can join and become one of the million World Saviors. Every student and all faculty of MVU are members of the Ekam Vitara Network. Please visit for more information.

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