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Why Attend MVU?
Krishna Realization
Full Human Potential
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Why Attend MahaVideha University


MahaVideha University is unique. Our focus is God Realization, which results naturally from the development of full human potential. Development of full human potential is much more than being able to utilize one's full physical brain capacity, and it is much more than perfect physical health. At MVU we focus on the development of our subtle bodies as well as the physical body. For most individuals, only the physical body is known by the individual and only the physical body is consciously functional. Most individuals are even unaware that they have 4 subtle bodies, each one with its own nervous system and senses.

So, why attend MVU?

  God Realization

Achieve Krishna Realization

Krishna is a name of the Supreme Personality of God. Krishna Realization is the state of consciousness, goal and ultimate destiny of all human beings. A person who realizes Krishna, experiences God's infinite power, knowledge, and bliss continuously.

We know from the Vedic literature that the world around us is maya; an illusion or “that which is not”. We learn from Yoga Vasishta that the solid appearing world is illusory ... >> more

  Full Human Potential Actualize the Full Development of Your Human Potential

Full development of your human potential includes the development of all of your subtle bodies and the ability to consciously live through these subtle bodies to experience the vast realms of the universe that are now unavailable to you and most individuals.  >> more


  Discover Your Dharma Discover Your Dharma

When you incarnated into a physical body, your Atman had a plan for your life. Establish direct communication with your Atman and discover your true Dharma for this life. Every student at MVU accomplishes this communication within the first 6 months of attendance..   >> more
  Live a Quality Life

Live a Quality Life

Be the change you want to see in the world.

You are interested in MVU because you want to help yourself and others attain the highest achievement for a human life. Maybe you have not articulated that until now, but if you are still here, it is evidence that you have a role to play in the grander scheme of things.  >> more

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