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God My Love, by Maharishi


These are my thoughts on the beautiful poem , “God”, written by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This is in no way a commentary on His poem. They are simply thoughts that arise in my mind when I read those lines.


My Love
Light of The Grace
The Light of Thy Grace shines upon me.
The love of Thy Being fills my heart.
Thy Grace vibrates around me.

Child Krishna“God, My Love”, is such a beautiful way to start a poem on Bhagwaan- addressing the Almighty as , “My Love”. Indeed, He alone is, “My Love” and this “My” is not the consciousness of the jiva which is a confusing complex of buddhi, ahamkar and manas. It cannot be that. No matter how hard the jiva tries to love God yet his love is always tinted with impurities. Even the purest jivas have traces of impurities. This “My” is the cry of the Divine Shakti resident within every jiva. It is Her voice alone. It is She alone that longs for Her beloved and having slayed the demon of ignorance resident in the buddhi, ahamkar, manas, She, standing tall and glorious Maha Kali, eventually Unites with the Lord.

When the jiva is fully slayed does the true meaning of “My Love” emerge from within him. Then he can hear, feel, know and understand the longing of Shakti. At that moment, the jiva, overtaken fully by the glorious Divine Mother, surrenders his entire existence to fully merge in the Lord.

When Maharishi uses the words, “My God, My Love”, He hints towards the fact known to all sages- that all that is here is a display of Shakti only. There is no Purusha, save Bhagwaan Himself. All beings are Shakti alone and hence irrespective of their gender, each one craves for Unity with the Sole Beloved.

To such a jiva, steeped in the love of the Highest Lord, grace is not something to be brought home from the Heavens. Grace is all around that jiva. Grace is what makes up the Universe around him. Grace is what is pouring through him. Grace is what is flowing in his breaths. Such a person lives innocently being fully protected by the grace of his beloved Master and eternal husband. In such a jiva, Shakti is fully awakened.

My Lord
My Love
In Thee I rest
In Thee I dwell.
In Thee I am.

My Lord
Thou art the Whole of my being.
Thou art the very Soul of my Being.
In Thee all beings dwell.
Thou art the being of all.

Krishna with FluteHaving slayed all the false bodies, all the way to Anandmaya, such a person for the remaining part of his physical life, lives fully rested in the Absolute. His individual prana have attained Unity with the cosmic prana and thus He is able to perceive his identity with the Lord. Everything and everyone are seen floating in the Lord, that loving Master and He is seen in all. Such a vision is acquired only by those whose self-referral loops have become so purified and so perfected that all intake is burnt back to sameness with the Highest Self, causing a complete closure of the divine loop. Such a vision is a gift from the beautiful Divine Mother who has been United with Her Beloved. Such a vision is the supreme goal of life and grants moksha.

My Lord
My Love

“My Lord, You are my Love. You are the One I was longing for all of these countless lifetimes. You are the One I pine to Unite with. With this realization awakened in me, I will waste not a minute in realizing back my state of full Unity with You”. In some blessed souls, this is the divine longing that is awakened by the grace of the beautiful Divine Mother Herself. Then there is not a minute to be lost. Then Unity with that loving Master is all that consumes that jiva.

Thou art one.
Thou art One without a second.
In creation Thou art One.
Thou, One
Appearest as many.
As one seed
Appears as many leaves, branches, fruits.
And the whole of the multiple tree.

Radha Krishna SwingThis is the natural vision and experience of one whose self-referral loop has been fully perfected through the heat of sadhana by the Divine Mother. Whether it is the Lord Himself, or a simple thing as a glass, a stone, a grain of sand-everything is seen naturally as an expansion of the Lord. This happens when the information gathered by the senses is fully processed and referred back to the Highest state of Consciousness. In such a referral, all naturally appears as part of the Self, which is that glorious Lord. The appearance of many is only a state of duality. The “many” are seen as simply an expansion of the same glorious Lord. Those whose vision has been perfected to see the sap, are able to see that every leaf, twig is just a transformation of that sap and non-different from that sap. When the vision is firmly established in seeing the sap, the world of the leaves, twigs disappears for that person.

My Lord
Thou art One.
The one becomes the many.
Unity is Thy Nature.
Diversity is Thy Glory.
Thou art radiant,
Thou art Radiance of the radiant,
Brilliance of the bright.

Thou art My Lord
The very life of all.
Thou art in everything.
All-pervading art Thou.

Radha KrishnaThe One becomes many through the process of creation of the various illusory veils by Maya, who is none other than the Divine Mother Herself. Through Her divine play She brings about a sense of difference between the Lord and the jivas though in reality the jiva is the Lord Himself who has through His own free will, enveloped Himself in a state of extreme limitation. Shakti, through an act of negation, brings about extreme limitation in the powers of will, knowledge and action causing the arising of anava, mayiya and karmic mala (different types of impurities). Such heavy limitations are further supplemented by extreme limitation in omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, fulfilment of desire and state of Eternity. These are the 5 major coverings of Maya called “kanchukas”. Thus is the body created which is thoroughly limited and stupefied. The Lord, of His own will, takes up His seat within this particle-like creation of Shakti for carrying out the Divine play. Hence jiva is the Lord seated within a thoroughly limited environment and Shiva-Krishna is the jiva who has broken free from these limitations imposed upon by the Playful Mother. Hence in Unity and in diversity, He alone shines ! Thus the same playful Lord takes up His seat within all and yet transcends all because the “many” is the vision of the ignorant. Those who look at the body, the covering, see many, countless forms. While those whose vision takes them beyond the body, the covering, are able to see the same glorious Lord in all.

My Lord
Thou art everything.
Here, there and everywhere
Is Thy Glory found--

Indeed everywhere is He for those whose vision has been purified ! That playful Master cannot hide Himself anymore from the eyes of those who have become steeped in His love !

My Lord
Thy Glory is Full
Thy Grace is Full
Thou art Full
To the Fullness of my life
Thou art Full.
I am the temple of Thy Light.
The world is the abode of Thy Grace.
I am the way to Thee.

Krishna Bhakti YogaFullness here implies wholeness. The Absolute is an integrated whole. And that fullness is reflected in the jiva as well.

“I am the way to Thee”. This statement is very powerful. However sinful the human body may be, yet the human body is the only way back home to the Lord. A birth of the jiva in any other body does not give this auspicious chance to the jiva. Even highly purified and subtle bodies of the devas, Ascended Masters do not provide them with a chance to re-unite with the Lord. Here in the human body, we get the most rare chance to go back home to our loving Saviour and Master.

My Lord
Thou art the Goal in me.

O God
My Lord
My Love

Indeed the Lord is the goal in everyone. A few have realized this and start working towards the goal. The majority others are not yet ready for this auspicious goal and waste away their lifetimes in mundane activities.

Dear Lord, My Love, there in a bottomless lake in the center of Your heart. Unite me with that lake and let me experience the glory of the Highest Mantra. May I become One with that Highest Mantra and vibrate everywhere. May all be reflected in me like a city being reflected in the mirror. Such indeed is my own highest state of existence. Giving up everything lower than that, dear Master, I embrace my own Highest Self.

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