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Yoga Nidra, Kundalini Enlivening and Chakra Balancing with Dhanvantri Procedure

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Yoga Nidra, Kundalini Enlivening and Chakra Balancing with Dhanvantri Procedure

This is a complete program for balancing your chakras, enlivening Kundalini, consulting with The Dhanvantri and Yoga Nidra. Restore your physical body to perfect health with this comprehensive program. This program provides you with a physiology that is the basis of Satyug Kaya Kalpha.

Included with this program:

Yoga Nidra - Yoga NidraYoga Nidra is best understood within the context of the structure of the Universe as explained by the Mandukya Upanishad.  The pinnacle of the wisdom is contained in the twelve verses of the Mandukya Upanishad, which outlines the philosophy and practices of the OM mantra. The 5th and 11th verses define the domain of Yoga Nidra, known as Prajna or Deep Sleep. It has been said that the juice of the Vedas is in the Upanishads, and the juice of the Upanishads is in the Mandukya Upanishad.

You receive the CD with the 61 Marma Points Meditation plus the Lucid Dreaming Sutra for use with your included Shakti Mat to induce a very deep state of rest and balance in the physiology and promote lucid dreaming.

Shakti MatThe Shakti Mat™ is a very important part of our Yoga Nidra practice. This incredible mat is the modern version of the ancient yogic "bed of nails." Yogies lie on a bed of nails to totally relax the body in preparation for Yoga Nidra. The Shakti Mat has many uses, but for us, it is our yogic bed of nails that will greatly enhance or 61 Marma Points practice and propel us into Yoga Nidra.

Kundalini Enlivening and Chakra Balancing - The chakras all have vortices on the surface of the body, but originate deep within, centered in the body. We will put our attention on the vortices when we apply oil and as we meditate on the chakras. Each chakra has a color, a visual aspect and a sound. The CD that is included contains a meditation that allows you to experience all these aspects of each chakra and the mantras on the CD will enliven Kundalini. Kundalini is the evolutionary power of natural law that exists to take the individual from normal waking state consciousness to God Consciousness. A special oil (included) is applied to each chakra prior to the meditation.

DhanvantriThe Dhanvantri Consultation - In our Universe there is an aspect of God known as Lord Vishnu who is responsible for the maintenance of the Universe (Lord Brahma is the Creator, Lord Vishnu is the Maintainer, and Lord Shiva is the Destroyer). Lord Vishnu manifests in a number of ways to accomplish His tasks, and one of those aspects is The Dhanvantri, the physician of the devas and the source of Ayurveda for the perfect health of the human race.

The Dhanvantri is shown holding a container of Amrit, the nectar of immortality. This is to illustrate that He has the ability to confer immortality. The Dhanvantri is a Celestial Being so He is not perceived by physical senses. He can be perceived by the senses of the Manomaya Kosha. His work is conducted in the subtle bodies, which translates into changes in the physical body.

The CD that is included with this package contains The Dhanvantri Sutras which create a consultation between you and The Dhanvantri so He can work to transform your physiology into a state of perfect health.

How to Do AbhyangaAyurvedic Self-Massage (abhyanga) - Abhyanga is the anointing of the body with Krishna C60 Amrita oil. The oil is massaged into the entire body before bathing. It can be beneficial for maintaining health and is used therapeutically for certain disorders. Abhyanga can be incorporated into a routine appropriate for almost everyone. Included with this package is one bottle of Krishna C60 Amrita abhyanga oil and one bottle of Krishna C60 Amrita for oral ingestion.

The Sanskrit word sneha means both “oil” and “love,” and the effects of abhyanga are similar to being saturated with love. Both experiences can give a deep feeling of stability, warmth and comfort. Sneha – oil and love – is sukshma, or “subtle.” This allows it to pass through minute channels in the body and penetrate deep layers of tissue.

Krishna C60 Amrita LogoKrishna C60 Amrita embedded in the mitochrondriaKrishna C60 Amritais based on the amazing C60 molecule. This molecule is a 3rd form of Carbon, the other two being diamond and graphite, and it is a superconductor with intelligent properties. C60 is clinically proven to have many beneficial health effects in a variety of organisms. It has anti-cancer effects, brain-rejuvenating effects and cardiovascular health effects as well as extremely dramatic longevity effects in a variety of organisms. This molecule "knows" what is nourishing to the human body and what is toxic, and will adsorb (collect on its surface) all toxic chemicals or life damaging electromagnetic energy that comes in its vicinity.

Krishna C60 Amrita AbhyangaWhen taken internally as an olive oil solution, the C60 molecule becomes a semi-permanent constituent of the mitochondrial lipid bilayer of each cell, where it functions as an extremely effective antioxidant, since it is not used up and keeps getting re-absorbed in the mitochondrial lifecycle. The C60 molecule acts as an "electron reservoir" and can accept or donate multiple electrons and thus neutralize all types of free radicals indefinitely - until it leaves the body. There are indications that it takes weeks for all C60 to leave the lipid bilayers of the cells and mitochondria.

With this kit, you receive 1 bottle of Krishna C60 Amrita for Abhyanga, Nasya and Gandusha.

All Prakriti: Yoga Nidra, Kundalini Enlivening and Chakra Balancing with Dhanvantri Procedure plus Shakti Mat, Dosha Balancing Krishna C60 Amrita Abhyanga Oil and MahaNarayana Chakra Oil

Price: $108.00


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